Hi! I'm Hays Chan 👨🏻‍💻, a Computer Science sophomore at Peking University. I have good understanding in electronics⚡️, networking🖥, and programming⌨️. I love photography📸, filmmaking🎬, and gaming🎮.

I love sports 🌊. Here are my qualifications(best results):

  1. Sailing Level 2 ⛵️
  2. Kayak 3 Star Award 🛶
  3. Basic Windsurfing 🏄‍♀️
  4. Open Water Diver 🤿
  5. Table Tennis 🏓 third runner-up
  6. Chinese Chess ♘ two-time team champion and singles champion
  7. Chess ♟ fourth runner-up

I love to experiment myself with various activities. Here are more of them:

  1. Mandarin Speech four-time champion
  2. English Speech two-time champion
  3. Tai chi ☯️ Bronze

Neither sports nor activies but qualifications:

  1. Driver license


I live in Beijing, China🇨🇳.
Reach me by: